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Rental conditions

  1. The minimum age is 21.
  2. Required documents: driver license, ID card or passport.
  3. Please make your reservation by e-mail or by telephone. Any booking made electronically is valid once it is confirmed by an employee hire.
  4. At the time of rental car is a deposit, the amount of which depends on model the car. The deposit is totally refundable at time of undamaged car. The deposit can be paid by cash, bank transfer or blocked on your credit card account.
  5. The rental fee and security deposit shall be collected in advance.
  6. The rental is only calculated daily or monthly. Delay in the car return of up to 60 minutes is free of.The return after this time will cause charging another day.
  7. Insurance, AC is included in price of rent.
  8. For an accident no fault of the driver, charge him no financial liability after receiving compensation from the insurance perpetrator.
  9. Insurence doesn’t include car theft unless the keys or car’s documents are given back to Renter. When Renter is fault of collision or theft of the car, the Lessee is obliged to pay amount of the value of the car.
  10. In case of damage or loss of the car, the Lessee financial liability is limited to the amount of 1500,00 PLN ( Class cars A,B,C ) or 2000,00 PLN ( class cars C+, D, N). The Lessee may buy additional insurance which abolishes responsibility:
    - Class A, B, C – 25,00 PLN per day
    - Class C+ , D, N – 35,00 PLN per day
  11. Lessee is financially responsible for the loss incurred when:
    - Driving the car whilst under the influence of alcohol, under the effect of drugs or other substances, or without a valid driving licence
    - escape from the scene of an accident or collision
    – Non-return of the registration documents or set of keys after the vehicles theft
    - damage as a result of deliberate action or obvious negligence
    - involved in motor racing.
  12. The lessee covers the full cost of the fuel consumed during the travel.
  13. In case of emergency, please contact our office + 48 602 820 820.
  14. Going aboard is possible after Happy Rent company permission ( to the European Union) after payment 123,00 PLN the rent.
  15. It is strictly forbidden to smoke and eat in the car.

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